Your work is beautiful, gentle and full of life.

~Leva Jokubaviciute, pianist.


I met Ms. Kerstetter as a fine art book publisher in 1992 when I saw her works and took an interest in them. I consider her to be one of this country's finest painters.
Thomas West, Ph.D., Former Professor, University of Paris Curator, Musée national d'art moderne, Centre G. Pompidou Chief Editor, Art International Pesident, Digital Page Publishers, Ltd.

Barbara Kerstetter... The point and counterpoint... presented initially challenge the viewer to make a choice, only to realize that life is lived in the tension between the traditional and the modern, the physical and the metaphysical, the secular and the spiritual. We are caught in the middle, whether we like it or not. Barbara Kerstetter holds us there. She places us in this tension with extraordinary painterly skill and we find our own journeys more acutely as she leads us into hers
Hugh Hildesly , Sotheby's International Art Dealers

Barbara Kerstetter's oil paintings capture tumultuous energy exploding off the wall. With fauvist intensity but subtler hues, she unleashes wild patterns which dance in gaseous space. Arrhythmic strokes bounce off rhythmic structures in lyrical gales that haunt and entrance. This cohesive suite of paintings speaks strongly about paint and the art impulse to capture our deeptest feelings.
Jim De Woody , Artist, New York

Barbara Kerstetter is one of the most dynamic artists I have ever encountered. As a painter she is equally crafty and meaningful in her figurative work as she is in her abstract style. Her work is emotional, capricious and beautiful, and evokes the spectator in a variety of ways. Constantly honest and driven - she is ever so inquisitive, open-minded, and ready to interpret the immediate world around her. She is a true artist with an individual vision - never afraid of the many sacrifices which often escort such a life. She is also blessed with an unusual streak of generosity for other peers in the arts - following their work and output, and providing them with positive feedback and advice. Barbara Kerstetter is a genuine 'giver' in an era where 'taking' is the more popular characteristic amongst struggling artists. She wisely understands that art must constantly reach out via dialogue and presentation. Her contribution to the community in which she lives and creates is totally admirable.
Ronn Yedidia, Composer and Pianist New York

Du fond des toiles de Barbara Kerstetter surgissent des fleurs qui captivent le regard tant elles sont vivantes. Elles provoquent l’attention par les nuances de leurs tons et par la force de leur structure. Ce sont des fleurs avec une attitude.Les fleurs de Barbara émergent d’une longue tradition de la peinture occidentale avec laquelle elles rivalisent avec audace et s’ouvrent à notre sensibilité, à notre admiration et nous plongent dans la rèverie. Comment peut-on représenter tant de fragilité avec tant de…force??? Les fleurs ont toujours été un défi lancé par la nature aux artistes, Barbara Kerstetter relève ce défi avec brio. Paule Ollman, PhD

Heavens, they are good. The richly variegated colors, the dancing brushstrokes, the strong composition, the occasional ghosted outline like an image rising from the subconscious — there is such a lot to look at.

Thank you for recalling the peaceful ambience, the world that seems to have vanished overnight
Paula Speer