Many members of the medical community draw, paint, and perform various kinds of music, some of whom are friends and former students. It is a delight to include them herewith, as they have brought new insight into my own work.








Artists at Studio 



Nude Male: Painting by Dr. William Wu
Nude Male: by Dr. William Wu


Fellow Subway Passenger: Dr. Leon Axel  Fellow Subway Passengers: by Dr. Leon AxelIMG_3746   
Fellow Subway Passengers: by Dr. Leon Axel 


operating room: by Dr Tamara Lee
Operating Room: by Dr Tamara Lee


MY GRANDMOTHER by Dr David Gorman
My Grandmother: by Dr David Gorman


 Life Drawing_A Vassar_2
Life Drawing: by Aruna Vassar 


oil painting by dr erika landau
Oil Painting by Dr. Erika Landau


leon axel with barbara kerstetteer 
Artist at Ball


barbaraa et leon a  nice 
Artiste à Nice