The Iliad and Odyssey Series

The Iliad

My series of paintings dedicated to  Homer’s  Iliad  were interpretations of the Vietnam War, the World  Trade Center Tragedy, Iraq, and now, inequality and corruption in our world.

It may be that Homer did not  write  both epics.   I tend  to believe that he did.  The Iliad is a saga of battle and conflict of loyalties; the Odyssey is complex, as are all love stories.  However unfeasible it often is, we are familiarized with the tenacity if a strong man of all known human emotions; his actions are colorful and the fabric of a life lived fully has unexpected textures as well a rich  colors,

The Odyssey

Homer’s Odysseus was known as  a pirate and schemer; yet nothing was more important to him than to regain his ultimate concerns, his home and family. Although it seemed that he succumbed  to his need to conquer and win, as a man with  human needs his passions sometimes thwarted or delayed his zeal and purpose.

Chaos reigned as he plundered, killed, and applied skills of charm to overcome challenges to his goal. However,  his authentic intention, to return home, rang true throughout all adventures.

As a former globetrotter,  having been challenged on the Agean Sea, I’ve  learned that travel is usually more romantic and also more perilous than had been anticipated. Transformation, essential to creativity, is vivified as we  return to what  we knew, but then with renewed vision. In this way, we learn the essential process and key to realization of the ever- changing and ever- steadying heart.

Tango with Poseidon:  On my third trip to Crete, I danced with death. It was my plan to throw myself into the beautiful blue Agean. From a long lovely sandy beach, we bounced between waves to swim. Towering seawalls pounded me again and again until I was buried in salt water. It filled my eyes, lungs and throat. After fighting with hands and arms, I landed on shore, immersed in pebbles and gasping for breath. Finally we reached shore and sat very still as the glowing sun dipped into the sublime pink and dark depths of the ocean. Odysseus was threatened again and again by Poseidon. With wit and cunning, he won his life .