Artist Statement

20" x 18"

Roses on Bleecker Street

  l’été est enfin arrivee

Winter Spring





De Profundis Clamavi Oil on Linen:10″ x 12″


   It has been said that my work has an immediacy and urgent quality. I paint for myself, so the images come about as personal responses to meaningful events in my life. It is my hope that a spirit of commonality will affect those who experience whatever I draw and paint.


Morning at Big Sur

artiste en plein air

Artiste en Plein Air



Gardens around the world have attracted me as my husband and I have visited many lovely venues. As the seascapes  are also beautiful, it’s the light upon them that beguiles me.

barbara at woodstock

An afternoon at Woodstock

Drawing at Chania, Crete

Drawing at Chania, Crete



Electra's Birthday Bouquet

Electra’s Birthday Bouquet