Movement One

Mahler’First Symphony

The music of Gustav Mahler has inspired me to create a series of paintings. Most of these are diptychs, for both his symphonies and songs often address the dichotomies of death and life, and of male and female. Initially inspired by Mahler’s beautiful passages for the French horn, which I recently resumed studying and playing after many years, I have sought to convey my impressions and feelings on canvas. The immensely profound symphonies, which I have interpreted as abstract images, eventually led me to his vocal pieces, with their intense personal content. These lieder strike universal chords of longing, the craziness of love and adolescence, hatred of war and, sometimes, peaceful resolutions. The images that I have painted in response to these songs have been different from those created in response to the larger symphonic works. Mahler wanted to create a whole world in his symphonies, while his songs were more intimate and personal. Correspondingly, my paintings ,inspired by the symphonies, are larger in size and more complex, while those in response to the songs are smaller in scale and use a more limited palette. While my visual exploration of Mahler’s music is still ongoing, I would like to share some of what I have produced so far.

IMG_8991 copy

Mahler’s First Symphony



Mahler’s First Symphony, Finale

“Your paintings capture the core chaos and beauty projected from these gigantic legends!” Dr Ronn Yedidia, pianist and composer.