shastokovich #5

Oil on Canvas, diptych

Earth with Survivors

Oil on Canvas

Mahler’s Fifth Symphony

P1000426 copy

Dreams of Future Light

I dedicate this page to the fabulous string quartet I heard last Sunday, The Calidore String Quartet, who created a CD with this name of “Resilience”.  During the 2016 election, the world seemed to be torn asunder, between factions of short term- gain and those who want to see this new century create life better for all, animals and humankind.  Originally, after hearing the election results, I wrote to as many artist friends as I could, asking to form a group dedicated to resisting or somehow meeting the challenge of what seemed to be a desperate plight.  What could art do in this  situation?  The variations of fight or flight were individual, but nobody I knew stopped working. Many decided to strive further so as to donate to organizations who would need more help.  Having endured a series of tragedies myself,  I realized how “grit” is essential to our endeavors. Herewith I present the series of paintings I’ve done since that threat to humanity:


Oil on Canvas, Diptych

Green Earth, our Home