Hyacinths in March


Livia’s Lys en Rouge



Les Roses en Vase de Livia






Les Roses Blanches de Lyon



You are going to ask: and where are the lilacs?
and the poppy-petalled metaphysics?   from:   I’m Explaining a Few Things by Pablo Neruda

Poppies have been associated with fields of summer, of death, rebirth, and transfiguration. My paintings translate personal experiences into floral motifs, as usual. I discovered these blooms in Woodstock, NY,  in California, and in Utah.


a bunch of tulips divesting itself of the love of self as it brightly declines
a kind of purple whisper which must be spoken breathily


 Livia’s Garden


Inspired by the garden of a Roman queen who wasn’t easily daunted, I have taken the liberty of imagining what her garden would be today. Given to conquests of the hearth and heart, she loved lavish natural surroundings. Her ambience invited the fresh air, birds and myriad fauna, friends and intimates. She knew what she wanted and she knew how to get it. Natural laws superseded externally imposed regulations.

I am a bit of a fossil in today’s world of artists inasmuch as I paint exclusively by natural light. As surprised as I was by utilizing digital skills and photography, the only images that I can make are done in daylight. Dawn and twilight are my favorite times and those palettes require prodigious visual memories. Heliotropic as I am, the summer months are the most enticing.